Cosanti bell

Our Cosanti Bell

Cosanti Originals Bronze wind bells are known the world over. They have been made by artisans in the bronze foundry using handcrafted techniques and traditional designs in their Arizona studios for over 65 years. They feature vibrant colors, organic textures, and design motifs that vary from piece to piece or artisan to artisan., each wind bell is its own unique piece of art, using one of the thirty-two original Soleri bell patterns to form a sand mold to hold the molten bronze poured from a crucible. We are very proud to have our own and we begin our Sunday morning services by ringing the Cosanti bell, a truly unique piece of local Arizona art!

Our Labyrinth

Our hand-crafted labyrinth on our campus grounds is a place for contemplation and meditation. Many people find comfort and centering while walking the labyrinth and it becomes a tool for renewal and refocusing. The ancient practice of walking a labyrinth offers space for contemplation and prayer. Unlike a maze, there are no tricks or dead ends, only one way in and one way out. As a spiritual practice, walking the labyrinth can be a metaphor for our journey through life, helping us recognize the deep rhythms and divine glory or our faith (Forward Day By Day July booklet).