The Superstitions Window

This beautiful stained glass window in our sanctuary depicts our spectacular view of the Superstition Mountains and symbolizes the story of the Transfiguration. The first three Gospels describe the event that is our church’s namesake. Mark’s Gospel tells us that Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them up a high mountain where they were alone; and in their presence He was transfigured. His clothes became dazzling white. Elijah and Moses appeared before them and a voice came out of a cloud above them that declared: “This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him.” Clouds and the dove, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, portray the presence of God.

Transfiguration Windows

The Superstitions window is flanked on each side by the Crucifixion and Resurrection windows. Down the left side under the Crucifixion are windows representing Peter, James and John, as well as the Burning Bush. Down the right side under the Resurrection are windows representing Jesus, Moses and Elijah, as well as the Altar of Fire. The original concept for these windows was made by Pearle Lawless and Canon Ray Dugan. Additional design suggestions were made by Scotty Giffen. The windows were completed by Stained Glass Horizons of Apache Junction.

Holy Spirit Windows

Installation of the Holy Spirit Windows