The following is the foundation for the prayers we say during Compline/Evening Prayer. If you have a specific prayer request please feel free to contact Thomas Blum or Barbara Press so we can add your request to our nightly prayers.

Holy God, we come to you with our hearts open.  We give you thanks for being with us in our hurts, worries, doubts and burdens. Grant us your guidance, strength, joy and grace. Help us to trust in your timing and care. We give thanks that you can do far more than we could ever imagine. We reach out to you and know that you are restoring and redeeming us for your greater glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.

We pray for all who are having difficulties, worries or experiencing health concerns. Be with family members and friends as they provide emotional support to each other.  May they all feel your loving presence, comfort and healing touch. We pray for those who are in the hospital, for surgery or test results. We pray for the best possible treatment so that all goes well with their recovery. Be with all care givers, both in hospital and at home. We pray for those affected with cancer. Surround them with your healing power and strength.  We give thanks for successful treatments and recovery. We pray for all who are chronically, terminally ill or in hospice. Give them peace, strength, comfort, and guidance. Be with all of them and their families as they go through such a difficult time.

We ask that you guide, protect, and provide for all those people who are dealing with various mental and emotional issues, anxiety, and depression. We pray for all who suffer from domestic violence and abuse. Look after and comfort all who are seeking guidance and protection and help them to find the services and assistance they need.

We give thanks for all medical, emergency, police, fire, border patrol, and front-line workers. Give them strength as they cope with the challenges in their work.  We pray for protection and safety for all of our Armed Forces. And we pray for safety from wildfires and for those affected by natural disasters. We also pray for those dealing with conflict, violence, terrorism, and political unrest. Be with refugees and the homeless everywhere.  Be with those who govern and hold authority. Grant them the wisdom to do your will. 

We offer prayers for those who have died and all who are grieving the loss of loved ones. We give thanks for the lives of all those who are no longer with us.  Give to the departed your eternal rest. Comfort all who grieve and enable them to feel your peace.

We acknowledge the living culture of the Salt River Pima and Maricopa People, the traditional custodians of the land where our church was built, and pay tribute to the unique role they play in the life of this region. We lift up prayers for the Indigenous peoples who have suffered losses through the wrongs of the past as well as injustices today.  Be with the Native American Tribes who are being denied access and water rights in their lands.  Bring peace, understanding, forgiveness, and reconciliation as we work together in compassion and love.

Watch over and protect those who travel and bring them safely to their journey’s end.

We pray for all the unnamed people we hold in our hearts.  Please watch over them and provide guidance and protection.

Grant us your blessings for good health and strength, for wisdom and guidance. Help us in caring for creation and each other.  Watch over those who are affected by natural disasters.  Bless all who work with recovery and restoration. Lord, we are so thankful for all of your blessings and gifts which surprise and delight us daily.  Thank you for providing for our needs and equipping us to do your will.  We are grateful for the beauty and wonder of creation and the richness of relationships with the people you bring into our lives.

We thank you for being with our church and the support from the congregation. We ask your guidance for all clergy, especially Fr. Caleb as he begins his ministry at Transfiguration. We celebrate his coming and ask you to help us welcome him into our church family and that we will work well together to fulfill your plans for our church.

God of Peace, who taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, quietness and confidence shall be our strength; by the might of your Spirit lift us into your loving presence where we may be still and know that you are our God, through Jesus Christ.  Amen